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DIY Developer Life is the biggest DIY project

On this website, you will find different projects of mine, based on open-source code. The purpose of this website is to give you the projects I have made, so that you make them better for eventual use.

They are mostly based on Arduino, an open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects.

The meaning of open-source is the UBUNTU:.

"I am what I am, because of who we all are", compassion, kindness and humanity that connect us together by sharing  ourselves with others and caring for those around us

Athanasios Seitanis
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Agro Irrigation Monitor Project

*Supported languages: English & Greek
Agro irrigation circuit The project aims to save energy by limiting unnecessary trips to control irrigation systems and better resource management by identifying any malfunctions from the outset. In all cases of malfunction, non-operation of the pumps or the pipes, the first indication is the loss or change in the operating pressure of the irrigation water. The system in this version monitors... More for Agro Irrigation

Easy Nextion Library

C++ Library for using Nextion displays with Arduino & Esp
Easy Nextion Library Logo A simple library that uses only four functions. You can easily benefit from Nextion's wide range of features and advantages in just a few easy steps. This is an attempt to give a very simple method to use Nextion monitors for beginners at programming and at the same time to be a strong and reliable method that can be capable of satisfying the needs of the advance programming...More for Nextion Library

The handling of Nextion should be as simple and at the same time as professional as a display of this kind deserves.

Library's Custom Protocol Explained

C++ What is a protocol?

What is a protocol?

Protocols are based on specific rules, guidelines and regulations for computing and are designed for efficiency.
Each rule is defined in different terms and is assigned a unique name.

Simple words: A protocol is a set of rules to follow.

Let’s make these rules: for Custom Protocol
Highslide JS
In this tutorial, one can find simple tips and hints on how to control a Nextion display with an Arduino ...More
Easy Nextion Library Logo
A small project with Easy Nextion Library, demonstrating how to use the MPU6050 accelerometer and send values to Nextion's waveform and progress bar ...More

Relay Project Coming Soon...

Relay Project Coming Soon...