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Tutorial on how to write code with Nextion and Arduino 

In this tutorial, one can find simple tips and hints on how to control a Nextion display with an Arduino. 

To present many examples in action, we made a single project in which we included lots of them. 

As a scenario for the project, we choose to read from a text array, stored in the Arduino.

We chose that scenario, because we can have many alternative choices and needs, in the code of both Nextion and Arduino without the need of any external hardware, e.g. sensors.

In this way, we can run the project using only an Arduino and the Nextion Editor, from the debug mode.

In the project, the pages might look the same, but the methods are different. We also use pop-up messages to show the code or comments  



A Led Cube that can generate different lighting patterns based on an Arduino Nano.

It can be used as a decoration or a night light.

You could also use it at parties and make your friends stare at it with awe.

It can be powered by any Android phone charger micro USB type-A.